Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ballpark Rankings

I’ve seen games at 21 of the current major league ballparks. Below, I have listed my 10 favorite ballparks of the 21 current ballparks I have seen, ranked in order. I think that these 10 ballparks are very nicely done and that is why they are my top 10 ballparks.

1. Wrigley Field (Cubs) because everything about that ballpark is historic. The ivy on the outfield wall, the Wrigley Field sign outside of the stadium, and the scoreboard. No other ballpark could match up with this one.

2. Fenway Park (Red Sox) because of the Green Monster and everything historical. Also, Fisk’s pole and Pesky’s pole are so historical. It is cool being able to look around and see so much history. Not just the old history put being able to see players that could go into the hall of fame someday play there (like David Ortiz).

3. Petco Park (Padres) because the way they built the stadium is so nice and organized. The left outfield wall is very old-time looking. They have a section of seats in sand and they have a park out past the outfield. It doesn’t have anything going against it.

4. Kauffman Stadium (Royals) because the fountains in the outfield are so neat. It is a nice little addition to a ballpark with a cool scoreboard and a nice looking field.

5. Yankee Stadium (Yankees) because it has SO much history. It has the plaques in the outfield and even has a historic name (the house that Ruth built). It is so old and has so much meaning. The only two things I have against it are the team is a Rangers enemy (not that that was part of it being this low) and it isn’t attractive from the outside.

6. Great American Ballpark (Reds) because the smoke shooters are so cool, along with everything else. Nothing is boring, all it holds is excitement. When you see the special additions you get into the game (not that you’re not into the game). You can also see the river flowing back behind the stadium.

7. Citizen Bank Park (Phillies) because it had cool statues on every corner of the stadium. It had so much character to it. Also, the games for kids in Ashburn Alley are so cool and you earn prizes depending on how well you do.

8. Turner Field (Braves) because on the outside, there are statues and plaques for every retired number, pennants, and Braves Hall of Fame names. On the inside, you can see downtown Atlanta from your seats and it has a Braves Hall of Fame and Museum.

9. Camden Yards (Orioles) because it has plaques in the ground of the outfield concourse to represent the home runs hit onto Eutaw Street. It is a nice looking ballpark with a neat feel to it.

10. Ameriquest Field (Rangers) because it has a cool bell that rings after every home run and a home run porch that looks neat. Also, it is the park of my favorite team and I have a mini-plan to the Rangers every year, so I’m there a lot of the time.


David said...

Hey Grant,

Another great list. I'm curious. Where would you rank Houston's ballpark?

grantlovesbaseball said...

Probably around 12.

Ken Pittman said...

Great job Grant-

I'm pretty impressed that you've seen 21 major league parks. I'm over twice your age and I've only been inside 3 (all of which were in your top 10) and seen 2 others from the outside (also in your top 10). I guess I need to get with it and see a few more parks :-) Thanks for the great list - maybe I'll plan my next visit based on it.


grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken,
I've got a question what 3 ballparks have you seen a game in. By the way thanks for reading my blog

Ken Pittman said...

Current: Ameriquest Field (when it was The Ballpark), Yankee Stadium, and Turner Field.

I've also seen a couple of stadiums that no longer exist: Arlington Stadium and Fulton-County Stadium (Braves old park).

From the outside, I've seen Wrigley, Great American Ballpark, PNC (Pirates), and Seattle's. I haven't been in those.

The three current ones I've seen fit into your top 10 well. I might rank Ameriquest higher, but I saw it in its first year when it was at its best (and of course I'm biased).

Thanks again for your posts!