Saturday, June 30, 2007

Midseason Awards

This week I will do my midseason awards.


Rangers MVP: Michael Young: .295 AVG 4 HR 48 RBI
Runner-up: Kenny Lofton

Rangers CY Young: Akinori Otsuka: 2-1 W-L 2.64 ERA 23 K 4 S
Runner-up: CJ Wilson

Rangers Rookie of the Year: Chris Stewart (in Oklahoma): .243 AVG 0 HR 3 RBI
Runner-up: Travis Metcalf


AL MVP: A-ROD: .334 AVG 28 HR 79 RBI
Runner-up: Magglio Ordonez

AL CY Young: Dan Haren: 9-2 W-L 1.91 ERA 93 K
Runner-up: CC Sabathia

AL ROY: Dustin Pedrioa: .321 AVG 3 HR 23 RBI
Runner-up: Reggie Willits

AL Manager of the Year: Eric Wedge: Cleveland Indians 47-32 +0.5
Runner-up: Mike Hargrove: Seattle


NL MVP: Matt Holliday: .348 AVG 13 HR 61 RBI
Runner-up: Ken Griffey

NL CY Young: Brad Penny: 10-1 W-L 2.04 ERA 70 K
Runner-up: Cole Hamels

NL ROY: Hunter Pence: .336 AVG 8 HR 35 RBI
Runner-up: Troy Tulowitzki

NL Manager of the Year: Ned Yost: Milwaukee Brewers +6.5
Runner-up: Bob Melvin: Arizona

Results of last week’s poll:
Question: Who do you think should be the Rangers minor league MVP out of my team MVPs and runner-ups?
Duran – 43%
Botts – 13%
Teagarden – 13%
Whittleman – 13%
Hulett – 10%
Davis – 7%
Manriquez – 0%
Tracy – 0%

Come back next week for a write-up of Newberg Night at the Ballpark.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rangers Minor League Report

This week for every team in the Rangers farm system (except for Spokane and the Arizona League Rangers who just started their seasons), I will give the team’s record, their players who are in the top 15 in stat categories, and the percentage that every player on the 40-man roster who’s in the minors has of being called up to the majors this season. I will also give my opinion on who I think should be each team’s award winners and who I think should be their League’s award winners.

Oklahoma Redhawks:

Right now the Redhawks are 4.0 games back (GB) with a 35-38 record

Redhawks league leaders:
- Jason Botts leads the league in walks with 53
- Freddy Guzman is tied for 1st in stolen bases with 21
- Mike Wood is 1st in WHIP with 0.83
- Mike Wood leads the league in ERA with a 2.28 ERA
- Jason Botts is tied for 10th in RBI’s with 50
- Nate Gold is 12th in the league in RBI’s with 48
- Tug Hulett is 12th in the league in walks with 35

Redhawks MVP: Jason Botts (.303 AVG, .907 OPS, 7 HR, 52 RBI)
Runner-up: Tug Hulett

Redhawks Cy Young: Mike Wood (6-1, 2.28 ERA)
Runner-up: John Koronka

League MVP: Micah Hoffpauir IOW
Runner-up: Val Pascucci ALB

League Cy Young: Kasey Olenberger SLC
Runner-up: Yovani Gallardo NAS (now in majors)

Redhawks on the 40-man roster:

Jason Botts:
Botts will be one of the 1st people they call up after a trade and will definitely be a September call-up if he’s not already up.
Percentage chance of being called up: 100%

Nelson Cruz:
Nelson Cruz will probably be called up before September, but if not is a September call-up so that he can get more major league experience.
Percentage: 100%

Scott Feldman:
He’s been called up and sent down all year and it will happen again and if not, he’s a definite September call-up.
Percentage: 100%

Freddy Guzman:
Freddy has a good chance of being called up because he’s a former major league outfielder.
Percentage: 54.3%

John Koronka:
John is probably going to make a few more spot starts, but if not, he’ll be a sure September call-up.
Percentage: 100%

Wes Littleton:
Wes is doing well in the minors and has already pitched in the majors this year. He’ll be a sure September call-up if not earlier.
Percentage: 100%

Kevin Mahar:
Kevin will probably be called up in September for some more experience.
Percentage: 87.6%

AJ Murray:
AJ is doing decent in the minors and will probably get called up in September for more experience.
Percentage: 94.3%

John Rheinecker:
John is doing decent and will probably be a September call-up.
Percentage: 72.4%

Chris Stewart:
Since Stewart was already up he’ll probably be a September call-up.
Percentage: 79.6%

Mike Wood:
Mike will make more spot starts and will be a September call-up.
Percentage: 100%

Frisco RoughRiders:

The RoughRiders won the 1st half so they are in the playoffs. Right now they are 1.0 GB with a 3-2 record in the second half.

RoughRiders league leaders:
- Eric Hurley leads the league in WHIP with 1.11
- Anthony Webster leads the league in stolen bases with 15
- Eric Hurley, Doug Mathis and Luis Mendoza are tied for 1st in wins with 7
- German Duran is 2nd in HR’s with 14
- Eric Hurley is 2nd in K’s with 76
- German Duran is tied for 2nd in AVG, batting .327
- Jesse Ingram is 3rd in saves with 14
- German Duran is tied for 3rd in RBI’s with 43
- Eric Hurley is 4th in IP with 88.2.
- Eric Hurley is tied for 4th in ERA with a 3.25 ERA
- Salomon Manriquez is tied for 5th in HR’s with 12
- Steve Murphy is 6th in AVG, batting .318
- Edinson Volquez is tied for 6th in wins with 6
- Casey Bejamin is 7th in walks with 36
- Kevin Richardson is tied for 8th in HR’s with 10
- Doug Mathis is 9th in ERA with a 3.66 ERA
- Kea Kometani is tied for 10th in saves with 4
- Armando Galarraga is tied for 10th in wins with 5
- Brandon Boggs is tied for 12th in HR’s with 9
- Salomon Manriquez is tied for 12th in RBI’s with 39
- Casey Benjamin and Steve Murphy are tied for 14th in RBI’s with 37
- Armando Galarraga is tied for 14th in K’s with 55.

RoughRiders MVP: German Duran (.327 AVG, .951 OPS, 14 HR, 44 RBI)
Runner-up: Salomon Manriquez

RoughRiders CY Young: Eric Hurley (7-2, 3.25 ERA)
Runner up: Doug Mathis

League MVP: German Duran, Frisco
Runner-up: Joe Mather SPR

League Cy Young: Eric Hurley, Frisco
Runner-up: Chance Douglass COR

RoughRiders on the 40-man roster:

Armando Galarraga:
Armando probably won’t be called up this year.
Percentage: 0%

Edinson Volquez:
Edinson might get a September call-up if does really well the rest of this season.
Percentage: 46.9%

Bakersfield Blaze:

The Blaze lost in the 1st half. Right now they are 3.0 GB with a 0-3 record in the second half.

Blaze league leaders:
- John Mayberry is 3rd in home runs with 16 and leads the Rangers system
- Taylor Teagarden is 8th in walks with 41
- Chris Davis and Taylor Teagarden are tied for 9th in homeruns with 12
- Taylor Teagarden is 10th in batting average, batting .313
- Ronald Bay is tied for 10th in strikeouts with 64
- Kendy Batista is 11th in WHIP with a 1.23 WHIP
- Chris Davis is tied for 11th in RBI’s with 48
- Andrew Walker is 12th in IP, pitching 82.1 innings
- Kendy Batista is tied for 13th in strikeouts with 60
- Truan Mehl is tied for 14th in stolen bases with 11
- John Mayberry is 15th in runs with 47
- Andrew Walker is tied for 15th in WHIP with a 1.36 WHIP
- Ryan Knippschild and Scott Shoemaker are tied for 15th in saves with 3

Blaze MVP: Taylor Teagarden (.311 AVG, 1.052 OPS, 12 HR, 39 RBI)
Runner-up: Chris Davis

Blaze Cy Young: Kendy Batista (3-1, 4.23 ERA)
Runner-up: Michael Schlact

League MVP: Bubba Bell LNC
Runner-up: Kyle Blanks LAK

League Cy Young: Manny Ayala LAK
Runner-up: Brandon Hynick MOD

Clinton Lumberkings:

The Lumberkings were a wildcard in the 1st half so they are in the playoffs. Right now they are 0.0 GB with a 2-1 record in the second half.

Lumberkings league leaders:
- Chad Tracy leads the league in RBI’s with 58
- Michael Ballard is tied for 1st for wins with 9
- John Whittleman is 2nd in walks with 45
- Craig Gentry is 3rd in stolen bases with 21
- John Whittleman is tied for 3rd in homeruns with 13
- John Whittleman is tied for 4th in runs with 45
- Jose Vallejo is tied for 4th in stolen bases with 20
- Zachary Phillips and Omar Poveda are tied for 5th in the league for wins with 5
- Zachary Phillips is 6th in strikeouts with 79
- KC Herren is 6th in batting average, batting .325
- John Whittleman is 6th in RBI’s with 46
- Omar Poveda is tied for 7th in WHIP with a 1.06 WHIP
- John Whittleman is 9th in batting average, batting .317
- Jose Vallejo is 9th in runs with 42
- Zachary Phillips is tied for 10th in ERA with a 2.62 ERA
- Omar Poveda is 11th in IP, pitching 78.2 innings
- Omar Poveda is tied for 12th in ERA with a 2.63 ERA
- Marcus Lemon is 13th in walks with 30
- Omar Poveda is tied for 13th in strikeouts with 68
- Chad Tracy is tied for 13th in homeruns with 8
- Glenn Swanson is tied for 15th in wins with 6

Lumberkings MVP: John Whittleman (.317 AVG, .992 OPS, 13 HR, 46 RBI)Runner-up: Chad Tracy

Lumberkings Cy Young: Omar Poveda (7-2, 2.63 ERA)
Runner-up: Zachary Phillips

League MVP: Brandon Buckman QC
Runner-up: John Whittleman BAK

League Cy Young: Rafael Gonzalez DAY
Runner-up: Brett Anderson SOU

Last week’s poll results:
Question: Who do you think is the Rangers best draft pick out of the top 5?
Blake Beaven – 45%
Michael Main – 36%
Julio Borbon – 13%
Neil Ramirez – 6%
Tommy Hunter – 0%

Come back next week for my mid-season awards.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Draft Analysis and Melhuse Trade

I just got back from a vacation in Myrtle Beach so am posting for the first time this month. My grandparents have a condo in Myrtle Beach and we go there every year. We had a great trip which included one baseball game. We saw the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (an Atlanta Braves class high-A team) play the Lynchburg Hillcats (Pittsburgh Pirates) and beat them 5-3. The Pelicans were down 3-2 but scored three runs in the bottom of the 8th to get the win.

If you’re interested in reading any of my past interviews, I’ve created links to all of them on the left-hand side of my blog, under the Rangers Links section.

This week I will provide information on the Rangers top 5 draft picks and analyze the Adam Melhuse trade.

Earlier this month, the Rangers had their 2007 draft. Here are the Rangers’ first 5 picks, along with their scouting information.

Blake Beaven SP:
Beaven has a great fastball that goes up to 96 MPH, but a below average slider and change-up. He’s got good control and is good in pressure situations. Also, he beat Cuba in Cuba for Team USA last summer.

Michael Main SP, OF:
Michael’s fastball gets up on you quick and he can control it pretty well. His slider is more like a great slurve and he’s got a great change-up. He also has pretty good control.

Julio Borbon OF:
Borbon has good bat control and is more of a singles and doubles guy. He’s very fast and has great baserunning skills going 34-43 in stolen bases in his college career. He has a below average arm, but great range and great fielding skills. He’s also got a great instinct. Julio is kind of like Kenny Lofton and Johnny Damon.

Neil Ramirez SP:
Neil’s fastball, like Blake’s reaches 96 MPH. He’s also got a great curveball, but a below average change-up. Neil has average control.

Tommy Hunter SP:Tommy has an average fastball along with a below average change-up, slider, and control.

I think all of these players have good potential except for Tommy Hunter.

The Rangers traded future considerations to the A’s for Adam Melhuse on June 9th.

Adam Melhuse:
Adam is a good back-up catcher who could be a starter with a weak catching team or an a team with an injury to the starting catcher. He’s got good power for a catcher and 1 out of every 2 ½ hits is for extra bases.

.241 AVG
23 HR
90 RBI
276 G
643 AB
1 SB

Adam first appeared in the major leagues in 2000 for the Rockies. He has also appeared with the Dodgers and the A’s.

Adam Melhuse is a good back-up catcher and is definitely worth future considerations. He’s a big upgrade from Chris Stewart and if we end up giving the A’s anything at all, it will be very little.

Grade: A+

Results of last week’s poll:
Question: What do you think Kameron's long-term role with the team should be?
Bullpen: 51%
Starter: 32%
Set-up: 15%
Closer: 1%

Come back next week for an analysis of the Rangers minor league teams’ first half.