Sunday, August 06, 2006

Five Rangers Trades

This week I will describe and analyze all 5 of the trades the Rangers made over the past week.

Trade 1: The Rangers traded minor league pitcher Joselo Diaz to the Royals for Matt Stairs.

Matt Stairs:
Stairs’ stats this year are:
8 HR
33 RBI
.258 AVG.
This year his fielding percentage is 1.000 and is 2-10 as a Ranger.
Over his career, Stairs has a .266 average with 215 home runs over 15 seasons.

Grade of Matt Stairs: 8.2

Joselo Diaz:
Joselo has posted these numbers with the Redhawks:
0-0 W-L
3.28 ERA
35.2 IP
46 SO
Joselo has allowed 2 ER in 2 IP for the Omaha Royals so far.

Grade: 7.1

Trade Evaluation:
Matt Stairs is a good player while Joselo is just another relief pitcher and probably wouldn’t have had much impact with the Rangers.
Grade of trade: A+

Trade 2: The Rangers traded minor league pitcher Jesse Chavez to the Pirates for Kip Wells.

Kip Wells:
Kip has been injured for a lot of this year, but so far his stats are:
2-5 W-L
6.10 ERA
41.1 IP
18 SO.
Kip allowed one earned run in five innings in his Ranger debut.
During his career, Wells is 57-74 with a 4.43 ERA with 176 starts.

Grade: 7.9

Jesse Chavez:
Jesse has been in AA almost all of this year and his stats are:
2-5 W-L
4.42 ERA
59 IP
70 SO.
Jesse is not a major prospect but has a great ability to get strike-outs.

Grade: 5.2

Trade Evaluation:
This was a great trade. Chavez wasn’t that much of a prospect and we got a decent major league pitcher that has taken a spot in our starting rotation.
Grade of trade: A+

Trade 3: The Rangers traded relief pitcher Bryan Corey to the Red Sox for minor league pitcher Luis Mendoza.

Luis Mendoza:
Luis was sent to AA, and his stats for the Portland Sea Dogs this year were:
1-5 W-L
6.38 ERA
48 IP
29 SO.
He went 5 innings giving up 2 ER in his Roughrider debut and is only 23 years old.

Grade: 5.9

Bryan Corey:
Bryan started in AA, then moved to AAA and then to the MLB where his stats were:
1-1 W-L
2.95 ERA
18.1 IP
13 SO.
Bryan started out great and then fell apart at the end. He has already been Designated for Assignment (DFA’d) by Boston after only one appearance.

Grade: 6.1

Trade Evaluation:
We traded about the same talent that we got back. I’m glad to get anything for Corey since he was DFA’d by the Rangers.
Grade of trade: B

Trade 4: The Rangers obtained catcher Miguel Ojeda from Colorado for cash.

Miguel Ojeda:
Miguel had 74 AB with the Rockies this year and posted these numbers:
2 HR
11 RBI
.230 AVG.
Miguel has played in parts of 4 seasons in the majors including part of one with the Mariners and 2+ seasons with the Padres. He has a career .222. average with 15 home runs over 207 games.

Grade: 6.6


Grade: 0.1

Trade Evaluation:
We traded pretty much nothing for our probable back-up catcher for next year.
Grade of Trade: A+

Trade 5: The Rangers traded minor league catcher Nick Trzesniak to Florida for future considerations.

Nick Trzesniak:
Nick has spent most of the year with Oklahoma posting these numbers:
1 HR
12 RBI
.255 AVG.
Nick wasn’t a real big prospect and we got Miguel Ojeda to replace him. He has recently been injured, playing in the Arizona Rookie League on a rehab assignment.

Grade: 4.8

Future Considerations:

Grade: 0.9

Trade Evaluation:
We traded Nick Trzesniak for what could be nothing depending on how long he stays there.
Grade of Trade: D+

Come back next week for a short interview with Tulsa Drillers closer Jim Miller unless the Rangers make another trade.


Ken Pittman said...

Good blog Grant - I always look forward to your overview of trades (and basically any of your blogs). I agree with almost all of what you have to say - but I do think you have Matt Stairs overgraded. That's the one trade that I'm not really sure about. He's a decent left-handed bat off the bench (which is more important if we lose Wilkerson for the season), but that's about it. We didn't give up much for him, but Diaz's numbers are not bad. It's a pretty even trade in my book and only a trade I would make out of neccesity (which is the reason I think we did it). I would give that trade a C+. I really like the Kip Wells trade. The others basically have no meaning.


grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks for leaving these comments. Matt Stairs is a decent left-handed bad that can help us this year while Joselo Diaz is a decent relief pitcher that would help us in a few years but not as much.


Ken Pittman said...

Hey Grant-
You are right about helping us this year versus in the future. And if it makes a difference this year then I will be happy with the trade. But I wish Wilkerson had been more effective and healthy and then we wouldn't need Stairs. But with Wilkerson not performing, Stairs became somebody we needed - even if he is just a .263 hitter. Hopefully playing for the Rangers will improve his numbers, but I thought that would happen with Wilkerson too.


grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken - Thank you so much for leaving these comments. I really enjoy them. Brad has been a dissapointment and is one of the top players in strike-outs in the AL even though he's not an every-day player. If the scouts think he's going to stay like this, the Rangers might be able to trade him and get something good.


Ken Pittman said...

Definitely. Brad's dissapointing season is main reason I'm a little skeptical of Matt Stairs I guess. But so far, so good - so I hope I continue to be pleased with Stairs.