Sunday, October 08, 2006

End of the Season Awards and Buck Showalter Fired

This week I will give my end of the season awards and analyze the dropping of Buck Showalter. Here are my awards:

NL MVP: Ryan Howard: .313 AVG, 58 HR, 149 RBI: He leads the ML in homers and RBI’s and has a batting average over .300.

AL MVP: The Big Hurt: .270 AVG, 39 HR, 114 RBI: He doesn’t have a bad batting average, but has great power numbers and one of the major reasons they made the playoffs.

NL Cy Young: Derek Lowe: 16-8, 3.63 ERA, 123 SO, 218 IP: Derek has a very good ERA, is tied for the NL lead for wins, and if it wasn’t for him the Dodgers wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

AL Cy Young: Johan Santana: 19-6, 2.77 ERA, 245 SO, 233.2 IP: He got a pitchers’ triple crown.

Rangers MVP: Michael Young: .314 AVG, 14 HR, 103 RBI: Michael got over 200 hits again, with a .314 AVG and over 100 RBI’s.

Rangers Cy Young: Kevin Millwood: 16-12, 4.52 ERA, 157 SO, 215 IP: He has 16 wins, a decent ERA and over 200 IP.

Rangers Rookie of the Year: Ian Kinsler: .286 AVG, 14 HR, 55 RBI: He got a .286 batting average as a rookie.

Here is my analysis of the dropping of Buck Showalter:

Buck was 248-244 over the past three years as the Rangers manager. He didn’t do too bad and I think he has a good strategy and knowledge of the game so I think they should have given him one more year because he never had a truly bad season. Also, he wasn’t the type of manager who gets ejected a lot and ruins the team for the rest of the game.

Come back next week for a free agents special.


Ken Pittman said...

Hey Grant:

My choices would be:

NL MVP: Ryan Howard - Pujols is the only one close.

AL MVP: Travis Hafner - OPS of 1.097 if awesome. Top 3 in HR, #6 in RBI, .308 average is impressive. But this race is wide open. Good arguments exist for Thomas, Ortiz, Morneau, and Dye among others. Wild card goes to Johan Santana.

NL Cy Young: Chris Carpenter - many players with nearly identical 16-8/15-8 type records. Carpenter has second lowest ERA and lowest WHIP plus he leads a playoff team - that seperated him from Brandon Webb who has almost the exact numbers.

AL Cy Young: Santana - not even close. Could make an excellent argument for him as AL MVP as well.

Rangers MVP: Young - not just for his numbers, but for his leadership too.

Rangers Cy Young: Otsuka - Millwood is the best Rangers starter (although Padilla was close), but Otsuka was the Rangers best pitcher this year in my opinion.

Rangers ROY: Ian Kinsler - I look forward to continued great things from him.


grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken - I think Travis Hafner will be close but since his team didn't make the playoffs, I don't think he'll win. And he was hurt the last month of the season. I actually think Chris Carpenter has the best chance of winning the NL Cy Young but I would choose Derek Lowe.

Anonymous said...

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