Sunday, January 21, 2007

AL West Off-Season Analysis

This week I will analyze every team in the AL West’s off-season, rank their off-seasons and give my projected 2007 standings for the AL West at this point.


Players gained:
Chris Resop
Phil Seibel
Shea Hillenbrand
Gary Matthews Jr.
Justin Speier

Players lost:
Adam Kennedy
Curtis Pride
J.C. Romero
Tim Salmon

The Angels haven’t done much this off-season. After losing Adam Kennedy, their 2nd base position won’t be very good, but they have a better outfield. They will be about the same this year as last year.


Players gained:
Donnie Murphy
Alan Embree
J.J. Furmaniak
Mike Piazza
Scott Dunn

Players lost:
D’Angelo Jimenez
Steve Karsay
Randy Keisler
Jay Payton
Matt Roney
Scott Sauerbeck
Frank Thomas
Barry Zito

The A’s have had an awful off-season. They haven’t gained much but have lost a lot. When you lose your #1 pitcher and your best hitter, you’re not going to be anywhere near as good. The Indians lost their #1 pitcher (Kevin Millwood) and fell apart. But with losing both your #1 pitcher and your best hitter, along with one of your best fielders, you’re not going to be anywhere close to what you were before.


Players gained:
Sean Burroughs
Chris Reistma
J.J. Putz
Jose Vidro
Miguel Batista
Horacio Ramirez
Sean White
Jose Guillen

Players lost:
Gil Meche
Carl Everett
Matt Lawton

The Mariners have gotten a lot of great players and have barely lost anyone.


Players gained:
Frank Catalanotto
Eric Gagne
Kenny Lofton
Vicente Padilla
Chris Stewart
Guillermo Quiroz
Brandon McCarthy
Marlon Byrd

Players lost:
John Danks
Nick Masset
Rod Barajas
Mark DeRosa
Carlos Lee
Gary Matthews Jr.
Kip Wells

The Rangers have lost a lot but gained a lot. They have probably gained a little more than they lost but it’s about even.

Off-season rankings:
1. Mariners
2. Rangers
3. Angels
4. A’s

Projected standings:
1. Angels
2. Rangers
3. A’s
4. Mariners

Sosa Signing

I think this was a good signing. It’s not much money. It’s not a big risk. If he doesn’t play well in Spring Training that’s okay. If he does, he makes the team and helps. There’s not much reasoning against signing him, in my opinion, when it’s for such little money.

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Ken Pittman said...

I wouldn't be shocked to see the Mariners do better than anyone expects this year. The AL West is a little rough this year and I really could see almost any of the 4 teams winning it. I don't think there's much of a chance of having a wild card team from the AL West though. The Angels are the fairly clear favorite, but the A's always find a way to win, the Rangers are headed up, and the Mariners likely will improve the most.

As for Sosa - I brought it up a couple weeks ago because Sosa and the Rangers organization had history - and it turns out between all of our comments we ended up basically predicting the terms that he was able to sign on. They make sense for both him and the Rangers organization. I hope he can contribute, but I would love if he does well and someone like Botts (who has more of a future with the Rangers) does even better to keep Sosa out of Arlington.