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Tom Grieve Trade Analysis Part 1

This week I’m starting a multi-part analysis of all the trades Tom Grieve made when he was Rangers GM. This week I will cover the first half of his first year as GM. Each trade will be scored a win, loss, or tie. The score is based on how each player contributed to the Rangers at the major league level.

1. 11-7-84 The Montreal Expos traded Chris Welsh to the Texas Rangers for Dave Hostetler.

Win – Dave Hostetler didn’t play in the majors again after the trade until ’88, and even then it was with Pittsburgh and only for 6 games. The Rangers got one good year out of Chris Welsh. Chris had a 4.13 ERA in 76 innings pitched, in his one year as a Ranger.

Record: 1-0-0

2. 1-18-85 As part of a 4-team trade: The Texas Rangers sent a player to be named later and Danny Darwin to the Milwaukee Brewers. The Milwaukee Brewers sent Jim Sundberg to the Kansas City Royals. The New York Mets sent Tim Leary to the Milwaukee Brewers. The Kansas City Royals sent Don Slaught to the Texas Rangers. The Kansas City Royals sent Frank Wills to the New York Mets. The Texas Rangers sent Bill Nance (minors) (January 30, 1985) to the Milwaukee Brewers to complete the trade. (From a Rangers standpoint, this was basically Danny Darwin and Bill Nance for Don Slaught.)

Loss – Bill Nance never played in the majors. But Danny Darwin pitched pretty well throughout his 21-year career including 11 years after the trade (career ERA of 3.84). He had an ERA under 4.00 (3.80 and 3.17) in both of the two years he spent with Milwaukee after the trade. In the three years Don Slaught was here, the most at-bats he got in a year was 343. His playing time decreased each of the three years he was here (343 AB to 314 to 237) as did he batting average (.280 to .264 to .224). He was good defensively behind the plate while here but I would rather have a solid pitcher than a part-time catcher.

Record: 1-1-0

3. 2-27-85 The New York Yankees traded Toby Harrah to the Texas Rangers for a player to be named later and Bill Sample. The Texas Rangers sent Eric Dersin (minors) (July 14, 1985) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.

Loss – After the trade Toby Harrah did almost nothing for us, batting .270 and .218 in the two year he played for us after the trade, with little power (16 homers over two years). He played in only 126 games in 1985 and 95 games in 1986 (his last year in the majors). Bill Sample was a solid back-up for the two years following the trade (.288 in 59 games in 1985 and .285 in 92 games in 1986) and Eric Dersin never made it to the majors.

Record: 1-2-0

4. 4-4-85 The Seattle Mariners traded Orlando Mercado to the Texas Rangers for Donnie Scott.

Tie - Orlando Mercado only had 102 at-bats as a Ranger. Donnie Scott had a .217 career batting average on 443 career at-bats.

Record: 1-2-1

5. 4-4-85 The Texas Rangers traded Kevin Buckley to the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later. The Cleveland Indians sent Jeff Moronko (April 29, 1985) to the Texas Rangers to complete the trade.

Tie - Kevin Buckley only had 7 career at-bats. Jeff Moronko only had 30.

Record: 1-2-2

6. 4-6-85 The San Diego Padres traded Mitch Williams to the Texas Rangers for Randy Asadoor.

Win – Randy Asadoor only had 55 career at-bats. Mitch Williams pitched three good years for the Rangers with ERA’s of 3.58, 3.23, and 4.63.

Record: 2-2-2

Results of last week’s poll:
What team do you think has had the best off-season so far?
Angels – 83%
Red Sox – 8%
Tigers – 4%
Other – 4%
All other teams – 0%

Come back next week for Part 2 of the Tom Grieve Trade Analysis.

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