Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tom Grieve Trade Analysis Part 6

This past week my great grandmother passed away. Her name was Jo Rasor and she was 78 when she died. She would have turned 79 this Tuesday. She lived in Dallas so I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with her during my life. She was always very nice to me and liked to buy presents for my sister and me. She was very dedicated to her family and spent most of the last few years of her life taking care of her daughter (my Aunt CK, who passed away late last year). We’ll miss her.

This week I will continue the analysis of all the trades Tom Grieve made as the Rangers GM. I posted part 5 on April 19 of this year, if you want to see my last post of this. This time I will analyze all of the trades Tom Grieve made as GM in 1990.

35. 1/3/90 The Chicago Cubs traded Bryan House (minors) to the Texas Rangers for Rey Sanchez.

Loss - Bryan House never made it to the majors. Rey Sanchez had six more years of playing. He hit over .280 in two of those years and platooned in both of them.

Record: 8-7-20

36. 4/2/90 The Montreal Expos traded Jeff Huson to the Texas Rangers for Drew Hall.

Win – Drew Hall barely played for the Expos and struggled when he did. He played one season for Montreal and went 4-7 with a 5.09 ERA. Jeff Huson played four years as a Ranger and was a decent player, in his best year batting .261 with 4 home runs and 24 RBI’s.

Record: 9-7-20

37. 4/13/90 The Minnesota Twins traded Jeff Saltzinger (minors) and cash to the Texas Rangers for Fred Manrique.

Tie - Saltzinger never made it to the majors and Manrique only hit .237 in his 228 at-bats as a Minnesota Twin.

Record: 9-7-21

38. 8/29/90 The Texas Rangers traded Harold Baines to the Oakland Athletics for players to be named later. The Oakland Athletics sent Joe Bitker (September 4, 1990) and Scott Chiamparino (September 4, 1990) to the Texas Rangers to complete the trade.

Loss - Harold Baines played 11 and a half more seasons and in 9 and a half of them he played well. He played two more years for the A’s after the trade. Joe Bitker only pitched 23.2 innings as a Ranger and Scott Chiamparino only pitched for three years and 85.1 innings as a Ranger. His record was 2-6.

Record: 9-8-21

39. 12/12/90 The San Diego Padres traded Mark Parent to the Texas Rangers for Scott Coolbaugh.

Tie - Mark Parent only had 1 at-bat as a Ranger, and Scott Coolbaugh only played two more years. During those two years, he had 180 and 21 at-bats, batting .217 and .190.

Record: 9-8-22

40. 12/30/90 The Los Angeles Dodgers traded Jim Poole and cash to the Texas Rangers for David Lynch (minors) and Steve Allen (minors).

Tie - Neither David Lynch or Steve Allen made it to the majors, but Jim Poole only pitched six innings as a Ranger.

Record: 9-8-23

Results of last week’s poll:
Who do you think has had the best year so far out of the division leaders?
Diamondbacks – 61%
Marlins – 31%
St. Louis Cardinals – 8%

Come back next week for Part 7 of the Tom Grieve Trade Analysis.


Jason said...

Just to clarify, Drew Hall actually did pitch for Montreal in 1990. Granted, he didn't pitch very well and that was his last year in the majors, so I think your analysis stands. Go Jeff Huson! I think I have baseball cards for both Huson and Hall for their Rangers and Expos years.

grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for telling me that. I just updated it. I don't know what I was looking at.