Sunday, July 20, 2008

Deadline Deals

This week I will review some of the big names that are reported to be on the trading block and analyze whether or not they are likely to be traded.

The list of players is from but the opinions are mine.


Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers: No, the Tigers are right in the thick of things in the AL Central. They’re seven and a half games back, but they can definitely come back. They wouldn’t trade Pudge and have to call up a minor leaguer to start.

Ramon Hernandez, Orioles: No, I think they will try to trade him, but that there won’t be enough interest to do so. He has injury issues and isn’t the best catcher available.

Paul Lo Duca, Nationals: Yes, Paul won’t be traded because of talent, but for the fact that he can be a leader on a young team in contention. He might go to the Rays and back up Dioneer Navarro.

Johnny Estrada, Nationals: No, Johnny has been injured most of the year and I don’t think that the interest in him is high enough for him to be traded.

Miguel Olivo, Royals: Yes, Miguel is a good catcher who could start for a team like the Mets who don’t have any solid catchers, or most likely would be an upgrade at back-up for another team.

Yorvit Torrealba, Rockies: Yes, Yorvit can really help a catching squad in need of some help. Also, he has experience in big games now.

Gregg Zaun, Blue Jays: No, his contract is just too big. He has a 2-year/$7.25 million contract and would most likely be a back-up. I don’t think any team would pick up that contract for a back-up catcher.

First base/Third base:

Mark Teixeira Braves: Yes, there are a few teams in the playoff hunt who don’t have either developed or even solid first basemen. The Yankees might be a good suitor.

Carlos Delgado, Mets: No way, the Mets are in contention now and Delgado is hot. There’s no way that they’re dealing him.

Hank Blalock, Rangers: No, his trade value is too low right now. The Rangers will probably wait until the off-season or next year to ship him out.

Casey Blake, Indians: No, I doubt that many teams, if any, are interested in him, and even if someone made an offer, the Indians probably wouldn’t be happy with what little they would receive in return.

Frank Catalanotto, Rangers: Yes, I’d be amazed if he wasn’t traded. The Rangers need starting pitching and Frank with one more player could give the Rangers a solid 3-4-5 spot in the rotation guy.

Andy LaRoche, Dodgers: No, the Dodgers are near first place and wouldn’t want to trade away their back-up plan if Blake DeWitt struggles or gets injured, unless they got an offer that blew them away.

Aubrey Huff, Orioles: Yes, the Yankees or another big-market team would ignore his big contract and get him unless they’ve already solved their first base problem in another trade by then.

Wilson Betemit, Yankees: No, the Yankees really seem to like him, though I don’t know why. They would probably be very tentative to move him out of New York.

Kevin Millar, Orioles: There just aren’t enough contenders that are in need of first basemen who would be willing to pick up Millar for half a year to try to solve their problem.

Melvin Mora, Orioles: No, Mora has a no-trade clause and the Orioles would probably ask for too much in return for another team to get him.

Jose Vidro, Mariners: Yes, there are plenty of NL teams who could use a utility/pinch-hitter guy on their bench.

Mike Jacobs, Marlins: No, the Marlins might try, even though they’re in the playoff race, but because of the fact that they are contenders, they would probably ask too much in return.

Second base/Shortstop:

Brian Roberts, Orioles: No, the Orioles tried to trade him before the year started, but I think that they will decide that he’s worth more than what they will probably be getting and that it would be better to try again later.

David Eckstein, Blue Jays: Yes, although the Blue Jays would have to be happy with a mediocre outfielder or two.

Ray Durham, Giants: No, amazingly with a 40-56 record they are only seven games out in the terrible NL West, so I bet that they’ll hang onto him in case they make a surprising playoff push.

Christian Guzman, Nationals: Yes, Christian is having a career year and the Nationals have no reason to hang onto him.

Juan Uribe, White Sox: No, the White Sox will try to move him, but I don’t think that they’ll be able to get much for him and that they’ll decide that it’ll be better to just hang onto him.

Mark Grudzielanek, Royals: No, Mark is an older guy and I don’t think that his trade value is high enough for them to give him a new address.

Felipe Lopez, Nationals: No, Felipe is going to make 4.9 million dollars this year and I don’t think any team will think that he’s worth that money.

Jack Wilson, Pirates: Yes, the Pirates are already in trade talks with the Dodgers and I don’t see why LA wouldn’t take him on unless Pittsburgh asks for an unreasonable amount in return.

Mark Loretta, Astros: Yes, Mark would be a good utility guy on a contending team and could be a good addition to the bottom half of the line-up.


Matt Holliday, Rockies: No, unless the Rockies get an offer that just completely blows them out of the water with plenty of huge prospects, Matt is going to stay in Colorado.

Adam Dunn, Reds: Yes, many AL teams could use a DH to bulk up the middle of their line-up, and the Reds would probably give him up if they could get some prospects, which I’m sure that they’ll be able to do.

Ken Griffey, Jr., Reds: Yes, there are a couple of AL teams that could use another starting outfielder. The Reds have no reason to keep him.

Jason Bay, Pirates: Yes, the Yankees are interested and every team, even those who don’t even need another outfielder, could make room for Bay and could use him in their line-up.

Emil Brown, A’s: No, Emil has struggled of late and his trade value has gone way down and I’m not sure that any deal will get done.

Milton Bradley, Rangers: No, the Rangers are contending and Milton is a big part of that, although I’m sure that the Rangers would be open to listening to offers.

Jay Payton, Orioles: Yes, every team could use a back-up outfielder, really. Especially a good defensive one like Jay Payton.

Matt Kemp, Dodgers: Yes, the Dodgers don’t seem to be too high on Matt Kemp and many other teams would take him in a heartbeat.

Xavier Nady, Pirates: Yes, the Yankees and Rays are good suitors, and I’m sure almost every team could use that bat in the middle of their lineup.

Starting pitchers:

AJ Burnett, Blue Jays: Yes, there will be at least one team who will be willing to give up minor league talent for Burnett to help them down the stretch.

Erik Bedard, Mariners: Yes, the Mariners are well out of the race, and Bedard wants to get out. The Phillies probably are looking into him because of their lack of starting pitchers, but might not have the prospects to spare.

Randy Wolf, Padres: Yes, the Padres won’t get much, but there’s no reason for them to keep him and I’m sure someone needs him in the rotation.

Daniel Cabrera, Orioles: No, the Orioles are over .500, so they have some upside and they probably won’t trade away the top two men in the rotation. Also, Cabrera’s just too good for them to let him go unless they get blown away.

Paul Byrd, Indians: Yes, as long as the Indians don’t ask for too much. The Rangers might be one suitor, but there are plenty other places where he might go as well.

Adam Eaton, Phillies: No, Adam has been terrible the last couple of years and I don’t think anybody would want to give up someone for a guy who might actually hurt your team with poor performances.

Relief pitchers:

George Sherrill, Orioles: No, the Orioles will probably want to keep him for the future contending Orioles teams that are actually probably just a couple years away.

Chad Bradford, Orioles: Yes, Chad is an older reliever and obviously isn’t part of the O’s future, so they would have no reason to hang on to him.

Jamie Walker, Orioles: He could go to any team that needs a lefty in their bullpen, even though he isn’t performing well.

Dustin Moseley, Angels: Yes, the Angels have too many good middle relievers and Dustin is a quality one who can also spot-start. He would be a good fit for a team with a weak bullpen and injury-prone starters.

Brian Fuentes, Rockies: Yes, there will be some team willing to give up the prospects the Rockies will ask for in return to get Brian.

Damaso Marte, Pirates: Yes, there is room on almost every team in the bigs for a lefty specialist, especially a successful one.

Results of last weeks’ poll:
Who do you think will win the All-star game?
AL – 100%
NL – 0%

Come back next week for my July Awards or a trade analysis if the Rangers make one.


Ken Pittman said...

Great blog Grant. As much as I like Frank Cat, I completely agree with you. He is probably the easiest player for the Rangers to let go of that would result in some talent coming back. However, if there's a much better offer that involves Milton Bradley, then I could see him going and Cat staying.

I would love to see the Rangers make a nice trade, but I'm also content with not doing anything and giving this current team another year.

grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken - I agree that Milton can definitely be moved for pitching prospects(both starters and relievers.) Maybe even some that can already help us this year. I can also see Byrd being moved.