Monday, January 17, 2011

Current Rangers Team Analysis

This week I’ll give my grade and analysis for every asset on the Rangers’ current team (starting line-up, bench, pitching rotation, and bullpen). Also, at the bottom, I will give my analysis of the Adrian Beltre signing and the recent Rangers trade.

Starting Line-up:
SS: Elvis Andrus (.265/0/35) 2010 All-Star
DH: Michael Young (.284/21/91) 2004-09 All-Star
LF: Josh Hamilton (.359/32/100) 2010 MVP
3B: Adrian Beltre (.321/28/102) 2010 All-Star
RF: Nelson Cruz (.318/22/78) 2009 All-Star
2B: Ian Kinsler (.286/9/45) 2010 All-Star
1B: Mitch Moreland (.255/9/25)
C: Yorvit Torrealba (.271/7/37)
CF: Julio Borbon (.276/3/42)

Grade: A-
Analysis: At the top, you have the speedy stolen-base man in Andrus, followed by Michael Young, who hits .280 or higher with solid power numbers every year. The MVP bats third, followed by an All-Star in Adrian Beltre, who hit .321 with 28 HR’s and 102 RBIs last season. Nelson Cruz bats fifth, and he hits over .300 with great power numbers. Then at the #6 spot is an All-Star 2B. The bottom three are decent. I give this line-up an A-. In my opinion, the only A+ in the league is the Red Sox.

OF: David Murphy (.291/12/65)
C: Matt Treanor (.211/5/27)
Corner INF/PH: Chris Davis (.192/1/4)

Grade: B-
Analysis: The fourth outfielder, David Murphy is great, and would be starting on many teams. The back-up catcher, Matt Treanor, is good defensively, but won’t do much with the bat. Chris Davis has a chance to be great, but also has a chance to really struggle.

Pitching Rotation:
#1: CJ Wilson (15-8/3.35/204)
#2: Colby Lewis (12-13/3.72/201)
#3: Brandon Webb (0-0/0.00/0) 2006 Cy Young
#4: Derek Holland (3-4/4.08/57.1)
#5: Neftali Feliz (4-3/2.73/69.1) 2010 All-Star

Grade: B+
Analysis: At this point, the rotation does not have a definitive ace, but I think that there is an ace in those five. Brandon Webb, Derek Holland, Neftali Feliz, and CJ Wilson all have chances to be aces, and I think that at least one of those four will turn out to be one. On top of that, you have Colby Lewis, who is a very solid pitcher.

LONG: Tommy Hunter (13-4/3.73/128)
MID/LONG: Mason Tobin (0-0/0.00/0)
MID: Mark Lowe (1-3/5.40/13.1)
MID: Darren O’Day (6-2/2.03/62)
MID: Darren Oliver (1-2/2.48/61.2)
MID: Arthur Rhodes (4-4/2.29/55) 2010 All-Star
SET-UP: Frank Francisco (6-4/3.76/52.2)
CLOSER: Alexi Ogando (4-1/1.30/41.2)

Grade: A
Analysis: The only reason this isn’t an A+ is due to the fact that the closer situation is a little bit of a question mark. Otherwise, it would be an A+. Here’s my checklist for an A+ bullpen:
Solid Long-Reliever CHECK (Tommy Hunter)
Fireballer CHECK (Mason Tobin, Alexi Ogando)
Middle Reliever with Under 3.00 ERA CHECK (Darren O’Day, Darren Oliver, Arthur Rhodes)
Solid Set-up Man CHECK (Frank Francisco)
Shutdown Closer NO CHECK

Other Hitters with Chances at Making the Team:
INF: Brian Barden (.179/0/3)
INF: Andres Blanco (.277/0/13)
C: Kevin Cash (.167/2/5)
OF: Endy Chavez (.000/0/0)
OF: Doug Deeds (.000/0/0)
OF: Craig Gentry (.212/0/3)
INF: Esteban German (.231/0/1)
C: Taylor Teagarden (.155/4/6)

Other Pitchers with Chances at Team:
SP/LONG: Omar Beltre (0-1/9.00/7)
SP/LONG: Scott Feldman (7-11/5.48/141.1)
SP/LONG: Matt Harrison (3-2/4.71/78.1)
SP/LONG: Michael Kirkman (0-0/1.65/16.1)
SP/LONG: Seth McClung (0-0/0.00/0)
MID/LONG: Pedro Strop (0-0/10.13/10.2)
MID: Yoshinori Tateyama (0-0/0.00/0)

Adrian Beltre;
At first, I didn't like this move because I viewed him as a guy who played only for the money and played only during his contract year. But while in Seattle, Adrian struggled the most during his contract year, and his stats in Seattle don’t say everything, as he played at Safeco Field, one of the biggest pitcher’s parks in baseball. I’ve also heard a lot about him being a good clubhouse guy, and a lot about how hard he plays. That is definitely not how I viewed him, as his biggest image in my mind was him going crazy anytime someone touched his hair. Adrian was an All-Star last year, and led the league in home runs with 48 in 2004. Those were his last two years away from Safeco. Now, I think this is a very good move, and I’m excited about it.

On January 8th, the Rangers acquired P Ryan Kelly from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for P Guillermo Moscoso.
Analysis: I think that this trade was a good move, especially considering the fact that Moscoso was DFA’d. Last season with West Virginia in A-ball, Kelly had a 4.20, and had 75 strikeouts in 75 innings. He is supposed to have a good fastball, and is a decent prospect. The Rangers really aren’t giving up much of anything to get him, either. Last year, Moscoso had a 5.18 ERA with Oklahoma City, and had a 1.55 WHIP, as he allowed 142 hits in only 123.1 innings pitched.
Grade: B+

Come back next week for hopefully another interview.

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