Friday, December 30, 2005

Rangers Trades

Hi my name is Grant. I love baseball and the Rangers and I made this website to inform you on the Rangers trades during the 2005-2006 off-season.

Trade 1: Rangers trade a player to be named later to the Cubs for RHP Jon Liecester.

I can’t give my opinion now because I don’t know who they're trading.

Trade 2: Rangers trade 2B Alfonso Soriano to the Nationals for OF Brad Wilkerson, OF Terrmel Sledge, and RHP Armando Galarraga. At the time I thought it was a bad trade, but with the signing of 2B D’ Angelo Jimenez I think it is O.K.

Brad Wilkerson is very steady. He hit about .250 in 2005 and 2004. He is known to be great defensively. He is also known to be a good leadoff-hitter because he had 84 walks, and a .351 OBP.

Sledge we just traded (more on that later).

Galarraga had a 5.19 ERA in 2005 in double-A.

Soriano was a great 2B but since we have Jimenez and Kinsler we still have a decent 2B position.

Over all I think this trade was better for the Rangers.

Trade 3: Rangers trade INF Esteban German to the Royals for LHP Fabio Castro.

I’ll have to wait until these players prove themselves to give my opinion on this trade.

Trade 4: Rangers trade RHP Ricardo Rodriguez to the Phillies for RHP Vincente Padilla.

I think this trade went our way. The reason being is early in the season when Padilla was hurt he did bad, but once his injury was over he did good even in the Phillies major hitting park.

Ricardo Rodriguez is a very inconsistent pitcher.

Trade 5: Rangers trade RHP Chris Young, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, and OF Terrmel Sledge to the Padres for RHP Adam Eaton, RHP Akinori Otsuka, and minor league C Billy Killian. I don’t understand this trade, myself. Here are the comparing stats of Chris Young and Adam Eaton in 2005.
ERA 4.27
W-L 11-5
S 0
SO 100
ERA 4.26
W-L 12-7
S 0
SO 137

The thing is, even with the stats being pretty close, Chris Young plays in a major hitting park and Adam Eaton plays in a major pitching park. Also, Chris Young has a lot of years on his contract and Eaton only has 1.

Otsuka can be good and can be bad in 2005. The reason being he had a fine ERA but still lost 8 games.
ERA 3.59
W-L 2-8
S 1
SO 60

Same with Sledge in 2005.
AVG .243
HR 1
SB 2

Now, about Gonzalez. He is a huge prospect that was supposed to attract a decent player. Instead he is put in a pretty bad trade from my perspective.

Billy Killian was 7 for 37 with no HR’s and 4 RBI’s for the single-A Eugene Emeralds in 2005.


Ken Pittman said...

Great job Grant! I found your blog thanks to Jamey's mention of it in the Newberg Report. I'll be checking back for updates as I'm from TN and I always like to here opinions of the Rangers.

Ryan Gleason said...

Let me add my congratulations, Grant. Like Ken, I heard about your blog through Jamey's report and, living in NM, I have to follow the Rangers from afar. Your blog will and Jamey's reports make that much easier. Keep up the good work!

grantlovesbaseball said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I plan to keep this website up to date. I now know that people from other states get the Newberg Report.