Saturday, June 24, 2006

All-Time Rangers Team

This week I made an all-time Rangers team and gave my reasons why.

Outfielder: Juan Gonzalez – I chose Juan because he is the Rangers’ all-time leader in home runs, RBI’s, and slugging percentage. Also, he was a two-time MVP and a two-time All-Star.

Outfielder: Rusty Greer – Rusty is 7th on the Rangers all-time list for games played, 5th for RBI’s, 6th for batting average, 4th for walks, 10th for home runs, and 4th for slugging percentage. Rusty was also a great fielder and a .305 career hitter.

Outfielder: Ruben Sierra – Ruben leads the Rangers in triples with 44 and is 4th in home runs, 4th in RBI’s, and 5th in slugging percentage. He was a three-time All-Star for the Rangers.

1B: Rafael Palmeiro – Raffy leads the Rangers in games played, runs, walks, and at-bats. He is also 2nd in home runs and RBI’s. He was a two-time All-Star and one-time Gold Glove winner for the Rangers.

2B: Julio Franco – Julio has a .307 career batting average with the Rangers, which is 3rd on the all-time list. He is also 5th in stolen bases. He was a three-time All-Star for the Rangers (winning the All-Star game MVP once) and won a batting title.

3B: Buddy Bell – Buddy is 8th on the Rangers’ RBI list, 10th in batting average, 9th in walks, and 8th in triples. He was also a four-time All-Star and six-time Gold Glove winner.

SS: Toby Harrah – Toby is 5th on the Rangers’ all-time list for number of games played, 9th in home runs, 2nd in stolen bases, 6th in RBI’s, 6th in runs, 2nd in walks, 7th in hits, and 4th in OBP. He was a two-time All-Star from the Rangers.
Runner-up: Alex Rodriguez

C: Pudge Rodriguez – Pudge is 3rd on the Rangers’ home run list, 3rd in RBI’s, 5th in batting average, and 3rd in triples. Pudge was a ten-time All-Star and ten-time Gold Glove winner with the Rangers. He won the league MVP in 1999.
Runner-up: Jim Sundberg

Starting Pitcher: Charlie Hough – Charlie leads the Rangers in career wins, innings pitched, games started, complete games, and strikeouts.

Starting Pitcher: Kenny Rogers – Kenny is the Rangers’ career leader in games and pick-offs. He is 2nd in wins, innings pitched, games relieved, and win-loss percentage. He was a three-time All-Star for the Rangers and a four-time Gold Glove winner.

Starting Pitcher: Ferguson Jenkins – Fergie leads the Rangers in career shutouts and is 5th in ERA. He is 5th in strikeouts and 2nd in complete games.

Starting Pitcher: Nolan Ryan – Nolan pitched two no-hitters as a Rangers and got his 5000th strikeout. He also is 4th on the Rangers’ ERA list and 4th in strikeouts. He was a one-time All-Star for the Rangers.

Starting Pitcher: Bobby Witt – Bobby is 3rd on the Rangers’ wins list, 2nd in strikeouts, and 5th in complete games.

Closer: John Wetteland – John is the Rangers’ career leader in saves with 150. He also has a 2.95 ERA and two All-Star appearances as a Ranger.
Runner-up: Jeff Russell

This week, my dad and I are going to St. Louis to see a Cardinals game and will also be seeing minor league games in Tulsa (against the RoughRiders) and Springfield. Come back next week for a recap of my St. Louis road trip.

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Ken Pittman said...

Great blog Grant!
It will be interesting to see how this team would look in about 10 years. I think especially in the infield it could change alot. I mean - Michael Young is now a 3-time all star. Plus Hank and Mark have a chance to be great long-term. And I can't wait to see what Ian Kinsler does long-term. Raffy will be hard to beat at first, but I think the other three positions are open to be overtaken by current players.