Sunday, June 18, 2006

Players Most Likely to be Called Up

This week I looked through all the Rangers minor league teams and found the players at each position that would be the most likely to be called up to the Rangers if there was an injury.

SS Drew Meyer
Why: I think that Drew has the best chance to be called up of any shortstop in the farm system because this is the player the Rangers chose before and there is a better chance that they’ll stick with the original guy than get a new one.

OF Freddy Guzman
Why: I think that Freddy Guzman has one of the three best chances to be called up of an outfielder because he is a real speedy guy and only one of four outfielders in double-A has a batting average over .250 (so there are no good candidates from double-A).

OF Adam Hyzdu
Why: I think Hyzdu has one of the three best chances to be called up of an outfielder because he has more MLB experience than almost all of the other outfielders in the farm system, he has great defense, and he has been swinging the bat O.K. in Oklahoma.

OF Laynce Nix
Why: I think Nix has one of the three best chances to be called up of an outfielder because he has more major league experience than most. He also has great defense. Also, only one outfielder in double-A has a batting average over .250.

C Jamie Burke
Why: I chose Jamie because he is the only catcher in the farm system that has any major league experience.

1B Nate Gold
Why: I chose Gold because he and Jason Hart are the only two 1st baseman in double-A and triple-A put together. If you compare their stats, Gold has a batting average that is .046 points better than Hart’s and Gold has 2 more homers.

2B Aarom Baldiris
Why: I chose Aarom because no 2nd basemen in triple-A or double-A has been more consistent than him. Aarom batted .307 in double-A and .278 in triple-A.

SP Robinson Tejeda
Why: I chose Tejeda because he has some MLB experience and because we know that he can pitch in the majors without struggling because of when he was with the Phillies.

SP Edinson Volquez
Why: I chose Volquez because he is a top prospect. Also, because in 80.1 triple-A innings he has a 3.70 ERA and 85 strike-outs.

SP Thomas Diamond
Why: I chose Thomas because he has pitched very well this year and because spot starts don’t mess him up.

RP Wes Littleton
Why: I chose Wes because he is the reliever that they chose earlier in the year so I have a feeling that they’ll stick with him.

RP Erasmo Ramirez
Why: I chose Ramirez because he has been the lefty pitcher they have called up before, so I think if they need a lefty in the bullpen he would be the go-to guy.

Come back next week for a new entry.

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