Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playoff Experience and Game 5 Prediction

This weekend, I got to go to both of the Rangers home playoff games, the first ones in my life in the first playoff series of my life that I will be able to remember (with me being 3 the last time they made the playoffs). This week I will describe that experience and give my Game 5 prediction. It will be a short blog because I’m just mentally and emotionally drained from the two losses, and my brain still feels fried from the sun beating down on it all game today.

On Saturday night, the ballpark was amazing. I’d been to Cowboys and Stars playoff games, but I think that baseball definitely has the best playoff atmosphere. There was just a special feeling in that place, and it was awesome. Saturday also was a game that through 7 innings was amazing, and really got the fans into it. Even though I feel like Colby didn’t do his job, going only five innings, it was still kind of neat when the whole ballpark chanted his name, or ‘O’Day’, or’ MVP’ throughout the game. I had never experienced anything like that where so many fans were so into the game. After the Ian Kinsler home run to give them a 2-1 lead with only 6 outs left to clinch the series, that place reached his height, and the excitement couldn’t have gotten any higher. Of course, after that, the game didn’t go so well, but it was still a lot of fun to be at and to experience.

On Sunday afternoon, the ballpark was still excited, but it was nowhere near Saturday night’s levels, and except for a few pitches, it just felt like a bad Opening Day game. I think that was probably due to the heat, the horrible game, and the previous night’s game. It was a very frustrating game, especially when you kept looking up at the scoreboard and seeing the runners left on base total get higher and higher almost every inning and not see the Rangers’ runs get higher at all. I left that game very disappointed and frustrated.

Game 5 Prediction:
Texas Rangers 3, Tampa Bay Rays 2

I don’t see David Price having two straight bad starts at home, but I also do see Cliff Lee having two straight great starts on the road. Also, so far in this series, the Rays have scored one run on eight hits in the two games started by lefties and have a lot of left-handed starters on offense. I can’t wait for the game and am looking forward to hopefully the first playoff series win in franchise history.

Come back next week for more postseason analysis, which will hopefully include the Rangers.

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