Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updated World Series Prediction

This week I will give my prediction on the rest of the World Series, but it will be a fairly short post due to the busyness of my weekend. This weekend I am going to two World Series games and a Cowboys game, and I can’t wait.

World Series Prediction:

Game 3 – Texas Rangers over San Francisco Giants (SF 2-1)
Reason: Colby has an ERA under 2.00 this postseason and has been great, and I think that Sanchez will have lost all his confidence after his last performance and get lit up.

Game 4 – San Francisco Giants over Texas Rangers (SF 3-1)
Reason: I just don’t have any confidence in Tommy Hunter, and despite Bumgarner’s .306 BAA these playoffs, Tommy has a .333 BAA and has a 6.14 ERA. That doesn’t give you a whole lot of confidence.

Game 5 – Texas Rangers over San Francisco Giants (SF 3-2)
Reason: Come on, Cliff Lee and two straight bad starts together is impossible, right? Anyway, Lincecum has allowed at least 3 runs in 3 straight starts.

Game 6 – Texas Rangers over San Francisco Giants (TIE 3-3)
Reason: CJ has been dealing all postseason with the exception of one game, and I don’t see any way that Matt Cain goes an entire game without allowing an earned run again. That streak has got to end at some point.

Game 7 – Texas Rangers over San Francisco Giants (TEX 4-3)
Reason: I went back and forth on this one, because the crowd will be so crazy, but I just don’t know if Sanchez will get his act back together or if he will continue to struggle. But for us, I’m worried about Colby in this one, because he has not pitched on the road once this postseason. All of that makes for a very up-in-the-air game in a possible Game 7 situation.


Come back next week for a World Series recap on the soon-to-be 2010 Champion Rangers, and a trip report of an Aggie victory over the Sooners.


Lynn Leaming said...

Love your positive attitude and predictions Grant! Hope they come true!!! I kept watching last night to see if I would see your face in the crowd, I will look again tonight :-)

grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ms. Lynn,

Thanks for thinking of me when you watch the games. Down 3-1 right now, but I predicted that and still predicted a series win. Hope that comes true.


SF-Master-415 said...

hahahahahahaha! Sorry kid..I don't think so, your prediction couldn't be more delusional, are you kiddin' me? Let's face are not Nostradamus, Grant!, just another delusional loyal Rangers fan.. Let's go Giants!!! 2010 World Series Champions!!!