Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hot Stove Report

This week, I will be doing a hot stove report. I will analyze the Kenny Lofton, Marlon Byrd and Eric Gagne signings. I will also analyze the players the Rangers are trying to get and give the percentage chance of the Rangers signing them.

Players the Rangers are going after:

Barry Zito:
Zito is a fly ball pitcher but has performed great in Ameriquest field the past two years. He is a great overall pitcher and could really help our rotation.

Percentage of us signing him: 56.4%

Mark Mulder:
Mulder is a really good pitcher that could help us with our rotation. But he’s going to miss the first couple months of the season. He might or might not rebound quickly off of his surgery.

Percentage: 32.6%

Gagne, Lofton and Byrd Sign

Eric Gagne:
Gagne set the record for most consecutive saves without blowing a save. He has been great but missed most of the last two years due to injuries. He could rebound well and do great and he could do awful. But he will probably be determined to do well since it’s a one-year deal. It’s a good risk because it’s a one-year deal for not too much money.

Grade: A-

Kenny Lofton
Lofton was the best center fielder left in free agency when we got him. He is a great one-year guy to get. This might be his last year, too (probably not). He will fill our hole at center field and lead-off hitter. He also has a really good attitude and has been a consistent winner. The last two years have been among the best of his career. He hit .335 in 2005 and .301 in 2006. He has a career .299 batting average.

Grade: A+

Marlon Byrd
Byrd has a lot of potential but hasn’t performed very well in the majors yet. If Rudy can get him to reach is full potential he could be a very good pick-up. His best year was 2003 when he hit .303 as a starter. Since that year, he has played poorly. His career batting average is .263. If he makes the active roster, it will be as a fifth outfielder.

Grade: B+

Come back next week for a report on the Newberg Bound Edition Release Party with CJ Wilson, Kameron Loe, Ian Kinsler, John Danks, and Taylor Teagarden.


Ken Pittman said...

Wow - Zito doesn't seem a better than 50-50 shot to me to join the Rangers yet, but I sure hope you are right. I guess I'm just so used to pitchers playing with the Rangers until they can get a good contract somewhere else. I always think that until they actually sign with the Rangers - although hearing any pitcher say something like Millwood did ("all I have to do is pitch better than the other guy") helps. I'm hoping we hear Zito say that sometime soon. But we will see. I'd like to get one or the other because I think it increases the chances that we'll keep our pitching prospects long enough to give them a chance (otherwise I think we'll trade at least one of the top 3 or 4).

Looking forward to your comments on the Newberg Book Release party. I wish I could be in Texas for a few more of those events. But at least I might make a game this next season. Plus I'll get to see the Rangers play the Reds in Cincy.


miles said...

What are your percentages based off of.

I see Mulder having a better chance coming here than Zito, hope they both come.

grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken - you're going to get to see my two favorite teams when the Rangers play in Cincy. We went to the Reds ballpark the year it opened and it's very good.

Hi Miles - I see Zito having a much better change to come here than Mulder because the Rangers are going to give the highest offer.

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