Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Agent Special Cont.

This week I will continue my analysis of free agents.

1st Basemen:

Jason Giambi, NYY:
Jason will not go back to New York and will probably stay in the AL and be a DH somewhere.
Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays - they would love to use him against the Yankees.

Kevin Millar, BAL:
Kevin will probably leave Baltimore and go to a better team.
Prediction: Florida Marlins - Jorge Cantu is now their starting 1st baseman since they traded Mike Jacobs.

Mark Teixeira, LAA:
Mark should get a huge contract and will probably be able to stay in the AL.
Prediction: Boston Red Sox - the Sox are worried about Mike Lowell’s recovery from his injury so may move Kevin Youkilis to third, creating an opening at first.

2nd Basemen:

Ray Durham, MIL:
Ray will probably just be a utility man somewhere instead of starting.
Prediction: Milwaukee Brewers - it shouldn’t cost much for them to bring him back.

Orlando Hudson, ARI:
Orlando will be the starting second baseman for a good team.
Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers - they will not have Jeff Kent, so he can take that spot.


Pudge, NYY:
Pudge will not get a big contract this year.
Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays – he would be an upgrade over Barajas.

Starting Pitcher:

AJ Burnett, TOR:
AJ opted out of his contract with the Blue Jays.
Prediction: Atlanta Braves - the Braves have been going hard after Peavy and have backed off there, so I think they’ll go hard after Burnett and end up getting him.

Bartolo Colon, BOS:
Bartolo is old and injury-prone, so he won’t get a major league deal, most likely.
Prediction: Boston Red Sox - I think he will stay in Boston because I think they’re going to be one of the only teams trying to sign him.

Ryan Dempster, CHC:
Dempster should get a big contract after the terrific year he had last season and I think that he will stay in the NL.
Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers - he would be a great replacement for Derek Lowe.

Freddy Garcia, DET:
Freddy will get an opportunity to start this year.
Prediction: Chicago White Sox - he’s already had one good stint there and I would think that they would be the most willing to give him a good amount of money.

Jon Garland, LAA:
Jon should get a pretty decent contract from a winning team.
Prediction: Florida Marlins - they need starting pitching bad.

Tom Glavine, ATL:
Tom will probably go another season or two before retiring.
Prediction: Atlanta Braves - I think that they will keep him because they’ve already shown that they want pitching this offseason.

Derek Lowe, LAD:
Derek has said that he does not want to go back to the Dodgers.
Prediction: New York Yankees - they are going hard after pitching and are interested in Derek.

Jamie Moyer, PHI:
Jamie is old but he’s still a pretty good pitcher.
Prediction: Philadelphia Phillies - they need to keep him.

Brad Penny, LAD:
Brad will not go back to the Dodgers after they declined his option.
Prediction: Los Angeles Angels - they would love to have another good pitcher.

Oliver Perez, NYM:
Oliver will probably leave the Mets for another competitive team.
Prediction: New York Yankees - they aren’t going to get all the pitchers they want, so why not get him?

CC Sabathia, MIL:
He has already gotten a huge offer from the Yankees.
Prediction: New York Yankees - nobody can outpay the Yankees.

Ben Sheets, MIL:
He is very injury-prone and that will hurt his contract.
Prediction: Los Angeles Angels - they would love to have another stud pitcher.

Relief Pitchers:

Chad Cordero, WSH:
Chad is on a number of teams’ lists of players that they want and will be a closer, most likely in the AL West.
Prediction: Texas Rangers - the Rangers are said to be going after him.

Kyle Farnsworth, DET:
Kyle should get a decent-sized contract reliever-wise and should do pretty well.
Prediction: Chicago Cubs - since they aren’t getting Kerry Woods back, he would be a pretty good reliever to take his place.

Brian Fuentes, COL:
Brian will be a closer with a very good contract come next year and he will play for a winning team.
Prediction: Los Angeles Angels - they probably will not bring K-Rod back and will get Fuentes instead.

Eric Gagne, MIL:
Eric will probably only be a spring training invitee after his terrible 2008.
Prediction: Chicago Cubs - he can fight for both a roster spot and a closer role.

Eddie Gaurdado, MIN:
Eddie will get a decent contract after how well he played for the Rangers.
Prediction: Boston Red Sox - they need more relievers to help Papelbon and Okajima.

Trevor Hoffman, SD:
Trevor is going to be leaving San Diego.
Prediction: Chicago Cubs - he can be their closer.

Brandon Lyon, ARI:
Brandon is a good, young closer.
Prediction: Arizona D’Backs - Brandon is just too good a young arm to let slip away.

K-Rod, LAA:K-Rod set the single-season saves record last year and should get crazy money.
Prediction: Cleveland Indians - they’ll be trying to get back to the playoffs this year.

Kerry Wood, CHC:
Kerry is going to be leaving Chicago. The Cubs already announced that he wasn’t coming back.
Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays - he can be the closer when BJ Ryan gets injured.

Results of last week’s poll:
Which team do you think Chad Cordero will go to?
Rangers – 67%
Other – 33%

Come back next week for a continuation of the Tom Grieve trade analysis.

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