Sunday, November 09, 2008

Free Agent Special

This week I will list the big SS, 3B, and OF free agents and give my opinion on where they will go.


Orlando Cabrera, CWS:
Orlando should stay in the AL and be a starting shortstop.
Prediction: Chicago White Sox - he’s their only good shortstop, so they need him.

Rafael Furcal, LAD:
Furcal is a terrific young player and should get a big contract no matter where he goes and would be a big plus anywhere.
Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers, with the Dodgers probably losing Manny they have to at least keep Furcal to have a chance.

Omar Vizquel, SF:
Omar should be a utility man somewhere and probably for a competitive team. I think that he will go to the AL just to open up one more position (DH) so that he can play a few more games.
Prediction: New York Yankees - he would fit right in there as a veteran utility man.

3rd Base:

Note: The Rangers picked up Hank Blalock’s option.

Casey Blake, LAD:
The Indians, Twins, and Dodgers are all looking at signing Blake and he would be the starting third baseman for every one of these teams, so it should come down to money.
Prediction: Minnesota Twins - after missing the playoffs in a tiebreaker they should be looking for players who will make that tiebreaker unnecessary.

Joe Crede, CWS:
Joe will be a starting first baseman somewhere this year.
Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers - he will take Casey Blake’s spot.

Ramon Vazquez, TEX:
Ramon had a very good year and will probably get an opportunity to start, just like Mark DeRosa did. I think that he will go to the NL like Mark, too.
Prediction: Milwaukee Brewers - they need a good 3rd baseman.


Note: San Diego exercised Brian Giles' option and the Angels picked up on Vladimir Guerrero’s option.

Bobby Abreu, NYY:
Bobby is getting older and that may hurt him, especially regarding the number of years on his contract. I predict that he will end up going to the NL.
Prediction: New York Mets

Garrett Anderson, LAA:Seeing that the Angels made a $3 million buyout to make Anderson a free agent, he probably won’t be going back. He most likely will end up being a DH-4th outfielder if he stays in the AL and a starting outfielder if he goes to the NL.
Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers - I no longer think that the Dodgers will resign Manny and they need someone to at least attempt to somewhat take his spot.

Milton Bradley, TEX:
The Rangers are not going to re-sign Bradley and Bradley will have to stay in the AL so that he can DH. He had a very good year last year and should get a pretty good contract, but with lots of incentives to protect against his history of injuries.
Prediction: New York Yankees - they will be going hard after players after an extremely unsuccessful year (in Yankee terms).

Adam Dunn, ARI:
Adam strikes out all the time, but hits plenty of homers. He will probably leave the Diamondbacks for an American League team, so that he can play DH as well as play outfield.
Prediction: New York Yankees - with Bobby Abreu possibly leaving they will need an outfielder to take his place.

Luis Gonzalez, FLA:
Luis is getting old and this will probably be one of his last years to play.
Prediction: Tampa Bay Rays - with Cliff Floyd possibly leaving, he would be a terrific replacement.

Ken Griffey, CWS:
Ken is also getting old and will try to get on a team that has a possibility of winning the World Series so that he can get a ring. He will also probably stay in the AL so that he can be a DH.
Prediction: Chicago White Sox - there are no other teams that would make sense either for him or the team.

Raul Ibanez, SEA:
Raul will be leaving the Mariners and will really help a team make a playoff run. I think will have a big year.
Prediction: New York Mets - they were interested in July and I think they will be interested now, too.

Manny Ramirez, LAD:
Manny will probably leave the Dodgers to go to the team with the most money. I think he will get big money in the AL and not the NL.
Prediction: New York Yankees - they have the most money in baseball and that’s enough for Manny.

Shannon Stewart, TOR:
Shannon is getting older and will probably end up being a 4th outfielder/DH somewhere. I think that his best shot would be to stay in the AL.
Prediction: Minnesota Twins - he’s already had one stint there and I think that he’ll have another.

Results of last week’s poll:
Which team do you think Manny Ramirez will go to?
Dodgers – 50%
Angels – 25%
Yankees – 12%
Other – 0%

Come back next week for the first basemen, second basemen, pitchers, and catchers.

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