Sunday, November 05, 2006

Free Agent Analysis Part 3 of 4

This is part three of a series where I will examine the free agents and name the top players the Rangers should go after. This week, I will examine the free agent outfielders.

Grade A:
Carlos Lee
Alfonso Soriano
Gary Sheffield
Trot Nixon

Grade B:
Jim Edmonds
Gary Matthews, Jr.
Frank Catalanotto
David Dellucci
Ryan Klesko
Jay Payton
Dave Roberts

Grade C:
Darin Erstad
Kenny Lofton
Juan Pierre
Barry Bonds
Jose Cruz, Jr.
Cliff Floyd
Luis Gonzalez
Todd Hollandsworth
Terrence Long
Eli Marrero
Shannon Stewart
Rondell White
Preston Wilson
Eric Young
Jeromy Burnitz
Jose Guillen
Gabe Kapler
Matt Lawton
Matt Stairs
Michael Tucker
Bernie Williams

Grade D:
Steve Finley
Ricky Ledee
Jose Valentin
Moises Alou
Richard Hidalgo
John Mabry

Grade F:
Quinton McCracken
Jacob Cruz

Top outfielders that the Rangers should go after:

1. Alfonso Soriano: He can fill our DH roll, play outfield and back up Kinsler at the same time.

2. Trot Nixon: He can play good defense and be a decent batter.

3. Gary Matthews, Jr.: Gary played great last year, he fields great and bats good.

4. Jim Edmonds: He has been a good center fielder for the Cardinals and we could use a veteran with some leadership skills.

5. Frank Catalanotto: He can play every outfield position.

6. David Dellucci: He can play every outfield position.

7. Jay Payton: He is a great fielder and a decent hitter.

8. Dave Roberts: He could give us some more outfield speed.

9. Kenny Lofton: He is a decent one-year guy.

10. Ryan Klesko: He still has some playing abilities in him.

Come back next week for the last part of this series (catchers and relief pitchers. I forgot to do catchers earlier with the rest of the infield).


Ken Pittman said...
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Ken Pittman said...

Alfonso "back up Kinsler" Soriano - I love it! I would love to see any of the top 6 on your list as a Ranger. I wouldn't be upset with the next four on your list, but depending on the price I'd be interested in Bonds as a DH. There's alot of negatives surrounding Bonds, but I think as a DH he could stay healthy enough to be very helpful. My personal hope is that he retires before he breaks the record, but if he is going to break it regardless - it might as well be as a Ranger. Although I could also see the perspective that he would be too much of a distraction (see Cowboys TO). But I think he would be more helpful than someone like Klesko even with the distraction. But hopefully we get one of the top 6 and don't have to worry about it.

I'm assuming you don't have Lee on your top 10 because of his cost and I agree. And Sheffield's option was picked up - and I don't want to give up what it would take to trade for him. Depending on what it would cost, I would be interested in getting Vernon Wells here for a one year audition before going after him as a free agent - but that may be a better midseason trade.

I look forward to Part 4 - the catchers don't matter so much except for finding a backup, but finding value Relief Pitchers is always a key.


grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken - I would love to see any of the top 7 on the Rangers. The rest I'm OK with. Bonds, I'm not sure such a young team could handle all the attention he brings. I didn't put Lee on there because he costs too much and we have almost no chance at him. I would also like to see Vernon Wells in a Rangers uniform.