Saturday, November 18, 2006

John Hart Trade Analysis Part 2 of 4

This is part 2 of a 4 part analysis of the trades John Hart made while he was Rangers GM. Each trade will be scored a win, loss, or draw. The score is based on how each player contributed to the Rangers at the major league level. The first part of this series can be found in my September 23, 2006 blog.


15. Mar. 16: Lefthander Derrick Van Dusen traded to Cleveland for infielder Marshall McDougall.
Draw – Both have done next to nothing at the major league level.
Record: 3-4-8

16. Mar. 24: Cash sent to Milwaukee for infielder Manny Alexander.
Win - Alexander filled in at the major league level as a utility guy. Since we got him for free, I’ll call it a win.
Record: 4-4-8

17. Mar. 30: Catcher Fernando Lunar traded to Kansas City for outfielder Odannys Ayala.
Draw – Neither have done anything in the majors.
Record: 4-4-9

18. May 9: Player to be named later traded to Cubs for righthander Alan Benes. Benes returned to Chicago on June 4 for infielder Steve O'Sullivan.
Draw – The deal has done nothing for either side.
Record: 4-4-10

19. May 27: Righthander Esteban Yan traded to St. Louis for outfielder Rick Asadoorian.
Loss – It may not have been much but at least the Cardinals got a good performance from Yan every once in a while. Asadoorian never made it to the majors.
Record: 4-5-10

20. Jun. 6: Outfielder Ruben Sierra traded to Yankees for outfielder Marcus Thames.
Loss – Sierra did well for the Yanks while Thames barely contributed to the Rangers.
Record: 4-6-10

21. Jul. 1: Outfielder Carl Everett traded to White Sox for three players to be named later, identified on Jul. 24 as righthanders Frankie Francisco and Josh Rupe and outfielder Anthony Webster.
Win – It was in the middle of Everett’s All-Star season, but Francisco did well his first year and Rupe is doing well now. Webster is still a prospect. Everett has not done too much after being traded. Francisco and Rupe should be key pieces to the bullpen going into 2007.
Record: 5-6-10

22. Jul. 10: Cash sent to San Diego for infielder-outfielder Jermaine Clark.
Draw – Cash is barely worth anything and Clark barely did anything with the Rangers.
Record: 5-6-11

23. Jul. 11: Righthander Ugueth Urbina traded to Florida for first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, lefthander Ryan Snare, and outfielder Will Smith.
Loss – Urbina went on to win the World Series with Florida and was a big contributor. Gonzalez never had much impact at the major league level with Teixeira in front of him. Snare never made it to the majors with the Rangers, and Smith was a big prospect but we eventually released him. The trade looked good at the time but when you really look at it now, it wasn’t very good. It wasn’t a really bad trade because Urbina was in the last year of his contract, but I’ll still give it a loss.
Record: 5-7-11

24. Jul. 18: Outfielder Ryan Ludwick traded to Cleveland for righthander Ricardo Rodriguez and outfielder Shane Spencer.
Win – Ludwick has done next to nothing for the Indians as did Spencer for the Rangers. But Rodriguez had a quality season in 2004.
Record: 6-7-11

25. Jul. 30: Outfielder Doug Glanville traded to Cubs for outfielder Jason Fransz.
Loss – Glanville actually gave the Cubs something, while Fransz gave the Rangers nothing.
Record: 6-8-11

Come back next week for part 3 of this series unless there are any major trades or free agent signings to break down.

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