Saturday, November 11, 2006

Free Agent Analysis Part 4 of 4 and Ron Washington Hired

This is part four of a series where I will examine the free agents and name the top players the Rangers should go after. This week, I will examine the free agent relief pitchers and catchers.

Grade A:
Javy Lopez
Dan Kolb

Grade B:
Robert Fick
Mike Lieberthal
Mike Piazza
Gregg Zaun
Joey Eischen
Alan Embree
Aaron Fultz
Eddie Gaurdado
Darren Oliver
Mike Remlinger
J.C. Romero
Scott Schoenweis
Antonio Alfonseca
Joe Borowski
Chad Bradford
Doug Brocail
Mike DeJean
Octavio Dotel
Keith Foulke
Ryan Franklin
LaTroy Hawkins
Dustin Hermanson
Scott Sauerbeck
Roberto Hernandez
Kevin Jarvas
Matt Mantei
Troy Percival
Cliff Polite
David Riske
Felix Hernandez
Rudy Seanez
Justin Speier
Russ Springer
Tanyon Sturtze
David Weathers

Grade C:
Sandy Alomar, Jr.
Paul Bako
Rod Barajas
Gary Bennett
Henry Blanco
Todd Greene
Doug Mirabelli
Bengie Molina
Todd Pratt
Kelly Stinnett
John Halama
Ray King
Steve Kline
Kent Mercker
Terry Mulholland
Arthur Rhodes
Mike Stanton
Ron Villone
Jamie Walker
Jim Brower
Geremi Gonzalez
Steve Karsay
Jose Mesa
Jeff Nelson
Julio Santana
Rick White
Scott Williamson

Grade D:
Einer Diaz
Mike DiFelice
Vic Darensbourg
Chris Hammond
Mike Holtz
Tom Martin
Matt Herges
Brian Meadows
Guillermo Mota

Grade F:
Tim Laker
Chris Widger
Giovanni Carrara
Jason Grimsley
Esteban Yan

Top relief pitchers or catchers that the Rangers should go after:

1. Dan Kolb: He is a very good set-up man.

2. Robert Fick: He can fill the empty back-up catcher spot and back-up the infield.

3. Darren Oliver: He is a good long relief pitcher and can fill in at starter every once in a while.

4. Scott Schoenweis: He is a very good relief pitcher.

5. Gregg Zaun: He can fill our back-up catcher role.

6. Octavio Dotel: He has been a great relief pitcher.

7. Tanyon Sturtze: He is a good long relief pitcher and can fill in at starter every once in a while.

8. Antonio Alfonseca: He was good before his injury last year.

9. Alan Embree: He is a good set-up man.

10. Russ Springer: He has done very well with the Astros.

Also, this week, the Rangers named Ron Washington their new manager. I don’t know enough about him to really give a good opinion but I am a little worried that he wants Barry Bonds. He seems to be very popular with his former players so will hopefully be someone that our players will like and play hard for.

Come back next week for part 2 of the John Hart series, where I’m analyzing all of the trades John Hart made.


Ken Pittman said...

Hey Grant-

Good post. Lots of good relief pitchers out there. The key will be finding those that fit with the Rangers - both in terms of personalities and style. I don't know enough to know which relievers are ground ball pitchers and which are not, but give me Dan Kolb or any ground ball pitcher off of your B list and I'll be happy. Pitchers that have always pitched in bigger parks and make their living off of fly balls I don't want - there's just too much uncertainty with them.

As for Washington, I think any of the final three choices would have been good choices, but I like that we ended up with 2/3 in Texas (or at least so it seems right now) and Hillman possibly staying where he is (and not against us). Not having Washington will weaken the A's (hopefully) and even if they get Orel H. as their coach I think we'll end up better off in coaching. The Bonds issue is very debatable, but I'm not counting on that happenning and if it does we'll see how good Washington is at managing publicity and personalities.


Askinstoo said...

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grantlovesbaseball said...

Hi Ken and Askintoo - thanks for posting comments on my blog. Ken - it's not so much that it worries me if we get Bonds or not. What worries me is that Washington wants a guy like that. I'm afraid that he's not going to match our team's personality. A ground ball relief pitcher would be good, but I think we have enough good relief pitchers in our minor league system that we don't have to go out and get many of those guys.