Saturday, November 25, 2006

John Hart Trade Analysis Part 3 of 4 and Catalanotto signed

This is part 3 of a 4 part analysis of the trades John Hart made while he was Rangers GM. Each trade will be scored a win, loss, or draw. The score is based on how each player contributed to the Rangers at the major league level.


26. Feb. 5: Infielder Mike Lamb traded to Yankees for righthander Jose Garcia.
Loss – Lamb became a very good player with the Astros while Garcia struggled with the Rangers. Lamb was actually part of the major league team. Garcia was a minor leaguer.
Record: 6-9-11

27. Feb. 16: Shortstop Alex Rodriguez traded to Yankees for second baseman Alfonso Soriano and (on Mar. 23) shortstop Joaquin Arias.
Loss - A-Rod was the best player in baseball. Soriano’s a good player who has defensive struggles and doesn’t always hustle. Arias may be good but hasn’t done anything at the big league level. We’re also sending the Yankees about $9 million per year for A-Rod.
Record: 6-10-11

28. Apr. 2: Player to be named later traded to Cubs for infielder Santiago Perez.
Draw – We never sent anybody to the Cubs but Perez never made it to the majors.
Record: 6-10-12

29. Apr. 3: Catcher Einar Diaz, righthander Justin Echols, and cash traded to Montreal for righthander Chris Young and catcher-infielder Josh McKinley.
Win – Diaz and Echols have never done much and cash doesn’t mean much. Young pitched great while he was here and McKinley never made it to the majors.
Record: 7-10-12

30. Jun. 10: Catcher-infielder Josh McKinley traded to Montreal for catcher Ben Margalski and infielder Seth Taylor.
Draw: None of the players involved ever made it to the majors.
Record: 7-10-13

Frank Catalanotto signed:

On 11/21/06 the Rangers signed Frank Catalanotto. He signed a three-year contract for $13 million with an option for a fourth year. He is a Type-A free agent so the Rangers will definitely give up a 1st round draft pick, either for Frank or for another higher-ranked free agent. Here are his 2006 stats compared to Mark DeRosa’s. I will give the better stat a win and the worse stat a loss.

G 128-Loss
AB 437-Loss
H 131-Loss
HR 7-Loss
2B 36-Loss
3B 2-Tie
SB 1-Loss
AVG .300-Win
OBP .375-Win
SLG .439-Loss
OPS .816-Win

Record 3-7-1

G 136-Win
AB 520-Win
H 154-Win
HR 13-Win
2B 40-Win
3B 2-Tie
SB 4-Win
AVG .296-Loss
OBP .357-Loss
SLG .456-Win
OPS .812-Loss

Record 7-3-1

Even though Mark had a better year than Frank, I think this was a good move for the Rangers. Mark had one really good year but Frank has been good for a few years, including with the Rangers from 2000-2002. Also, Mark didn’t want to be a utility guy anymore.

Come back next week for part 4 of 4 of the John Hart series and any free agent signings and/or trades.


Anonymous said...


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Ken Pittman said...

I agree on Cat over DeRosa. Cat is more consistant and for about the same amount of money I would always take the more consistant player over the one who had a breakout in a contract year.

I'm hoping the Arod trade can turn out to at least be even in the long run - it all depends on what we get with/for Arias. If we can somehow turn him into pitching, it could get close to even. I also believe in the Curse of Arod - I think there is a reason no team has ever won with him on the roster even though he is probably the best player in baseball.


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