Friday, March 14, 2014

Deep Sleeper Prospects

There are two players who are completely off the radar and have yet to produce in games, that I believe have a chance, albeit a small one, of developing into ML caliber players.

Fernando Vivili: entering his 20-year-old season, Vivili has yet to put up an average above the Mendoza line in three rookie league seasons, putting up averages of .189, .194, and .180. To this point, he has six home runs in 342 career plate appearances.

However, despite his struggles, I believe he has the potential of being a ML caliber hitter. He has good bat speed and a good frame (6'3", 210). His swing is not too long, either.

Clearly, with his lack of production to this point, the chances of him reaching his ceiling are low, but I believe he has the ability to turn into a very good player.

Smerling Lantigua: also entering his 20-year-old season, Lantigua, like Vivili, is yet to produce in-season in three rookie league seasons, with OPS of .669, .524, and .642 to this point. He has struggled defensively as well.

Despite that, Lantigua has above average bat speed to go along with fairly quick wrists, a swing that is not overly long, and he also has a good frame to add strength to.

With his struggles to this point, he also does not have a high chance of reaching his potential, but he does have the ability to turn himself into a major league caliber hitter if he can cut down on his near 30% K-rate, which I can only assume is due to a lack of plate discipline and pitch recognition as I have not seen any reason for it from BP.

In all likelihood, these two will not pan out, but Vivili and Lantigua are a couple of deep sleeper prospects to keep an eye on, as the potential is there for them to develop into good players.

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