Saturday, March 29, 2014

Joey Gallo Scouting Report

I was able to watch 3B prospect Joey Gallo take some batting practice when I was in Surprise and here is what I saw:

He has slightly above average bat speed, definitely not anything special or anything to set him apart. Gallo's power comes more from raw strength than it does a quick bat. With his huge K-rates to this point in his career, I was expecting a very long swing, but I was surprised. His swing is too long, but I don't see it as being long enough to where it would cause more than I minor problem for him at the plate. It definitely attributes some to his K-rate, but I think the root of that problem lies somewhere else. Gallo also struggled to hit to the opposite field when the hitters were working on going oppo, as he lengthened his swing and slowed down his bat to try and take it the other way.

Gallo is very strong, and thus has plus power, but I have some major worries with him. His swing, although not long to an extreme, is too long, his bat speed is nothing special and just a bit above average, and I would like to see him have a more consistent swing when trying to hit to all fields. He has the potential to be a monster, but I see too many questions to put a very good chance on him reaching his potential.

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