Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kellin Deglan Scouting Report

I was able to watch Kellin Deglan take some batting practice during the morning workouts today, and here is what I saw:

I saw very average bat speed, which will really hurt his ability to hit better, and especially harder-throwing, pitching. He has a good frame to add strength, which is something he is really going to need to do if he is going to be able to overcome his lack of bat speed.

At his best, he may be able to be a three true outcomes guy that can hang around in the majors as a backup catcher for a bit, with a ceiling of about 15 home runs if he can add a good amount of strength, as he has already shown a tendency to strike out a lot (struck out in 26.2% of plate appearances last year), and draw a good amount of walks (9.2% of plate appearances last year). That is his ceiling, but I don't see him ever being a ML caliber hitter.

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