Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lewis Brinson Scouting Report

I was able to watch Lewis Brinson take some batting practice over the last couple days, and this is what I saw:

Very good bat speed, one of the top 5 I have seen out here so far, to go along with very quick wrists. The combination of those two should give him plus power as he develops. He also has very good size, with the ability to add some muscle and gain some strength to his tall, skinny frame. However, his swing is definitely too long, and is something that will lead to him struggling to make contact throughout his career without some changes, as shown by his unheard of 38% K-rate last year.

At just 20 years old, Brinson has plenty of time to develop, and definitely has tools to succeed, with very good bat speed, quick wrists, and good size at 6'3-4", but he has a long swing that will lead to a tendency to strike out too often. His ability to reach his very high ceiling will likely come down to whether or not he can make enough contact.

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