Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Justin Germano Scouting Report

Germano pitched 3 innings at the B game today, and here are my observations:

His mechanics are fine and he has a consistent delivery he is able to repeat. His fastball sat in the 83-87 range without a great deal of movement, though it was not straight. His change up was a decent pitch with the chance to become a major league average pitch, but at 31 that is unlikely. His curveball does not have a sharp break and is not a big league caliber pitch. On the 20-80 scale where 40 is poor, 45 is below average, 50 is average, 55 is above average, 60 is plus, 70 is plus-plus, I would give his fastball a 40, change up a 45, and his curveball a 40.

Overall, I just do not see him as a successful major league pitcher pitcher now nor do I see the potential for him to be one in the future.

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